Our Finances

Every Dollar Donated

Where Your Money Goes Every dollar that Kingdom Hope receives goes towards our mission of using education and soccer based programs to produce leaders.

The current cost to send each of our scholars through university is $5,000 per student. This covers their admission to the best universities in Rwanda and pays for school supplies and textbooks.

We have an ambition to be able to sponsor 10 kids annually, which is a $50,000 commitment.

The importance of the Cecile Zakuani Scholarship cannot be underestimated as this is a tangible way to improve the lives of hundreds upon hundreds of people in Rwanda. The $5,000 investment is not only an investment in a scholar; it is also an investment for that community and ultimately that nation. The average annual cost of college textbooks per student can easily exceed $1,000. $5,000 will allow us to purchase textbooks for 5 or 6 students per year.

The average annual cost of playing high-level club soccer in Washington State can be as high as $5,000. $10,000 would allow us to cover the cost for 2-3 players per year.

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