Books on Us

What the issue is


unspecifiedIt is a well-established fact that the cost of attending college is on the rise and at times it can feel that you need to have already graduated with honours in economics to figure out the costs before you have started your first year!

So you have been accepted into your college of choice and you’ve managed to scrimp and save, take out loans and used family support in order to pursue your passion to the next level. You have sorted out accommodation and have enough money for food for your first month (which will go in the first week by the way).

All the bases have been covered right?


How could you forget textbooks?! The one cost that seems to take everyone by surprise. You can pay to attend the college of your choice but it is no good if you can’t afford to purchase the books needed to succeed!

Textbooks are rapidly becoming one of the most expensive components of attending college. One report states that college textbooks are risen 1,041% since 1977 with the average price now being $1225 for all the course material needed.


Why it is important

We believe that students need to be given every opportunity to succeed and the best way for that to happen is to ensure that they have 100% focus on their subjects. Many students have to get part time jobs in order to afford to finance the purchase of textbooks which can prove to be a distraction to their studies. Student need to learn not work!


How we plan to help


Potential Scholarship ImageKingdom Hope is passionate about helping people to pursue their dreams. We are also passionate about creating great leaders. An aspect of great leadership is the ability to serve. Our Books on Us program encompasses all three elements.

Books on Us is a community based program that rewards college students, for successfully completing the Kingdom Hope ‘Make a difference’ community program, with a $500 award to put towards their college textbooks.


How can you help


As a non profit in order to make a difference we have to rely on the generosity of members of the public like yourself. If you believe in the power of education and agree with us that college students face enough financial burdens, then why not support our work? Please consider donating right here.