Cecile Zakuani Scholarship

What the issue is


Branden Harvey Photography (23 of 83)Do you think you would be able to fit your immediate and extended family into a room no bigger than an average living room? To be able to eat, sleep and live in such conditions with no indoor bathroom or running water? Well that is the reality facing the people living in the Gihembe Refugee camp in Rwanda, Africa.


What was meant to be a 18 month solution to help Congolese refugees caught up in the civil war has turned into an 18 year stay with no end in sight. A refugee camp built to accommodate the needs of a few hundred families has become home to thousands of inhabitants living in the poorest conditions imaginable. The population has grown but the living space has not. To succeed in these conditions must seem more like fantasy than reality.


Why it is important


We believe that given the opportunity individuals will always choose to determine their own future rather than having to be dependent on others for help. The current set up at the Gihembe refugee camp is not the most conducive in terms of building successful lives. If we are able to help residents at the camp gain a great education and teach them leadership skills then this can only be for the good of ALL residents at the camp because if one person can be self sufficient then they are likely to then support they family which may help get them out the Gihembe camp. This in turn will free up some of the space and resources at the camp which will ultimately improve the environment for all remanding residents.


How we plan to help


Branden Harvey Photography (19 of 83) (1)Just like the format of our other programs, the Cecil Zakauni Scholarship provides financial awards to put towards tuition for students in the Gihembe refugee camp after they have completed our leadership workshops and community engagement program.


We work with our partners over at These Numbers Have Faces to ensure that the students get all the support that they need. The aim is to add one student each year until we have 5 students, over the course of a 4 year course we will be investing $100,000 into people who would NEVER have had the chance to attend university. The expectation is that each of these 5 students uses their education to then provide a better life for their families.

How can you help


It takes $5,000 for every student from the Gihembe refugee camp to attend a top university in Rwanda and over the course of 4 years that is a $20,000 commitment. If like us you the believe that self-determination shouldn’t be limited to resources especially financial.