Soccer on Us

What the issue is


soccer smallIt has been well documented in recent years that the cost of playing club soccer is extremely high across the United States. Those with the most disposable incomes tend to be the ones able to go further in soccer which can then lead to college scholarships and enhanced opportunities, while other talented players are forced to stop playing the game.


Why it is important


At Kingdom Hope we don’t believe a person’s potential should be determined by how much money they have at their disposal. Soccer has so many great benefits including exercise, social and character development, which is great for kids and youth of all ages and financial restrictions should not deny individuals of this.


How we plan to help


Kingdom Hope Banner 2 smallThe average cost of playing club soccer can range from anywhere between $2,500 to $10,000. The Soccer on Us program is designed to give financial awards to players who complete the community program and leadership workshop.


Soccer on Us enables 10 players to apply for a Soccer on Us award, which will see them complete a condensed 4-week L.E.A.D on Us program and then design and complete a community project.


How can you help


We are passionate about soccer and believe soccer has the ability to make a difference in the lives of many people. This program is a fantastic way to help invest in new soccer talent and to help make soccer affordable for a new generation of players.