Kingdom Hope’s Academy – Dream with Us

Our ultimate vision is to build a state-of-the-art leadership and training facility called The Genesis Center. This facility will be the headquarters from which all of our programs will be ran in the future.

Establishing the Genesis Center will allow us to launch the Kingdom Hope Football Academy, which will function like a boarding school and allow aspiring soccer players to live on campus year round. They will receive soccer training, continue their academic education, and receive life coaching in the areas of leadership, goal setting, financial management, nutrition, and more. It is our hope that the Kingdom Hope Football Academy will not only produce excellent professional soccer players, but also upstanding global citizens who symbolize servant leadership.

This is by no means a quick or straightforward goal but at Kingdom Hope we believe in working towards a big vision and striving to make a difference in the world. This goal is one that will allow us to maximize the eternal impact we can have on millions worldwide.

Although we have one eye on the future, we do not lose sight that there is much work to be done in the here and now. Before we ever see the Genesis Center open its doors, there is much work and inspiring to be done. There are many people worldwide who feel lost, confused, and disillusioned with life and it is our responsibility to provide the programs that can inspire them.

How can you help?

No great work can be achieved without the support of generous individuals, who are willing to sacrifice their time, energy and finances to turn dreams into reality.

At Kingdom Hope we have much great work ahead of us and we need your support in order to achieve it. If you, like us, believe that every person deserves the chance to become all that they can be then we ask for you to support us. If you would like to help produce the next generation of leaders both at home and abroad then we ask that you consider donating to Kingdom Hope.

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Click here to go to our Donate Page